We are pleased to offer hands-on accredited industry training and competence assessment in all aspects of cemetery and ground maintenance with staff at their place of work.

Our courses are  individually designed and tailored to take into account, the lay out and specific problems of each cemetery visited by Cemetery Training Services including:

  • Specific cemetery soil condit​ions
  • Type of cemetery
  • Types of excavators
  • Religious variations (e.g. Muslim vault closure, family witnessed grave backfilling, grave re-opening for second interment)
  • Excavating & Burial skills
  • Local customs

Wherever possible, we will try to use an actual burial for demonstration & assessment, rather than a simulation, depending on the client’s requirements, and the student’s abilities.

All training is industry recognised and will comply with the very latest codes of practice and relevant British Standards where applicable from within the relevant industry as well as equipment manufacturers, major insurance companies’ requirements and Health and Safety Executives guidance.

We are delighted to have Lantra accreditation for six of our courses Grave Shoring & Burial, Cemetery Management, Memorial Moving, Dumper Use, Use of Excavators Specific for Burials and Use of a Gantry to Lift and Lower Memorials. We also work alongside the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities following the bereavement industries standards.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or need clarification on any of the course content.




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Cemetery Training Services Industry Standard Accredited Training Courses
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